February 4, 2012

Here's What The 2012 Commemorative Patches Look Like This Year

I haven't purchased a blaster yet but I'm glad to see that the Commemorative Patches are back this year in the Topps blasters.

I have collected these for a few years now and I was excited to see what Topps has come up with this year for their patch ideas.  2012's patches have turned out to be a little different than in recent years.  Gone are the All-Star and World Series patch reproductions.  Gone are the team logo manu-patches.  This year Topps went with patches highlighting the player's jersey number.  Here are some of the better patches I've seen on eBay thus far with the Tom Seaver pin stripes patch as my favorite.  I should probably note that all the patches are of retired players in this series.

There are also man-patches that highlight the player's names.  Don't be confused, these aren't stitchings of the player's actual signature.  These are just the player's last name in cursive text.  Here is an example:

And here's Ryne's signature just for comparison:

Overall, with these Series 1 patches I don't think I'll be collecting very many of them.  The player's numbers idea just isn't as nice as the reproductions from last year's set.  Bring on Series 2!
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