A Choo Choo Subsitute

I've been looking for a nice 1966 Topps #561 Choo Choo Coleman for years now.  I was hoping to find one at the National Card Show this past summer but it wasn't in the cards for me.  The 1966 Topps card is the last I need for my Choo Choo Topps master set.  This mint version below is available for purchase for the slim price of $759.

Ungraded versions of the card range from $30-$60 but the overall nicest version of the card, in my opinion, is this authenticated and autographed version for a hair under $300.

Someday when I've tracked down my 1952 Topps #1 I'll turn my attention to 1966 Topps.  To fill in as a substitute for it until then I found another Choo Choo card that I didn't have.  This is one of those Salutation cards found in vending machines in the 60's.  I've got a couple of them featuring Andy Pafko as well.   

So I can have my Choo Choo and an autograph too!