Boxes and Wrappers

Last Sunday I went over to Kansas City for the bi-monthly [that's every two months, not every two weeks for those keeping score at home] card how at the Hampton Inn there.  There's always one booth that doesn't really have any recent cards and instead focus on vintage collectibles like old pennants, programs, and odd balls.  They had this great box from 1968 Topps which highlights that you get one Topps playing card inserted into each pack. Neat, but $150 is crazy considering there are "pen markings." 

Along those lines, I did find something else to spend my money on.  How about a 1973 Topps wrapper?  

This is by far the oldest wrapper I have in my modest wrapper collection.  

And here it is completely unfolded.  Anyone else out there collect wrappers?  Do you store them unfolded or folded?  I'm an unfolded man myself. 


Hackenbush said…
Man, I want to go back to 1968 and buy some cards at the drug store.
After all this time I didn't know you collected wrappers ! I have 7 binders full ! Mostly just 4 to a page.I leave the older ones folded to the size of the original pack, that way they fit into 4-pocket pages pretty well.

I think my oldest is only 1978 Topps. I just acquired that one in a trade.
Matt Flaten said…
I have a very modest collection that is mainly made up of junk wax wrappers.
CaptKirk42 said…
I'm not as big a wrapper collector as I used to be. I used to be an Unfolded man, but occasionally there is a stubborn wrapper that gets all ripped up when You try unfolding the last side, and the modern foil wrappers are almost impossible to fully unfold successfully.

One time when I bought a non-sport set from ebay the seller included the wrapper for the set and they had it folded. That gave me an idea and I have done it on a few occasions. I use either one of those blanks (dummies, waste of cardboard etc) or I used to use a worthless example from the set and re-wrap the wrapper around that, then carefully place it in a penny sleeve (again the modern foil wrappers don't cooperate with this technique) and if storing in a box put that in front of the set, or if in a binder put it in the first pocket, or put the unfolded "flat" wrapper in one of those full sheets (like the office supply stores sell for keeping documents all nice and clean in binders) at the beginning or end of the set.

a few years ago (ACK it was 5 years ago) I wrote about this on Ebay as a guide
It babbles on a lot, but I think some of the general idea gets across.
jackplumstead said…
I collect wrappers too! I try to keep any from packs I open myself. I tend to keep them unfolded and flat but some of the shiny 90's wrappers just rip really easily, so they tend to be folded.