February 25, 2012

Boxes and Wrappers

Last Sunday I went over to Kansas City for the bi-monthly [that's every two months, not every two weeks for those keeping score at home] card how at the Hampton Inn there.  There's always one booth that doesn't really have any recent cards and instead focus on vintage collectibles like old pennants, programs, and odd balls.  They had this great box from 1968 Topps which highlights that you get one Topps playing card inserted into each pack. Neat, but $150 is crazy considering there are "pen markings." 

Along those lines, I did find something else to spend my money on.  How about a 1973 Topps wrapper?  

This is by far the oldest wrapper I have in my modest wrapper collection.  

And here it is completely unfolded.  Anyone else out there collect wrappers?  Do you store them unfolded or folded?  I'm an unfolded man myself. 

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