Before It Was "Mars Attacks" It Was "Attack From Space"

As I posted I'm slowly finally working towards a 1962 Mars Attacks set.  The set is of course a pricey one given that in 1962 most of the cards were pulled due to the outcry from the subject matter of the cards.  This makes one of the risque cards, #21, entitled "Prize Captive," as one of the most sought after cards.  Currently, there is one great version of the copy graded an 8 with an asking price of $757.  Here is the card:

But that is nothing compared to the most expensive Mars Attacks item out there.  It is a gum box which seems to be a prototype of the Mars Attacks set before it was even called "Mars Attacks."  At first the series was going to be called "Attack from Space" but you can clearly see it's the same old Martian enemy design.

This piece of cardboard has a price tag of $185,000.  Yes, you read that right.  For that amount maybe I'll just develop my own time machine and go back to 1962 to experience what "space adventure bubble gum" tasted like.


Anthony Hughes said…
Man those prices are crazy... I love that card and the one where the dog is getting vaporized. Great looking set of cards, shame they won't just make a reprint for a price that normal people can pay. I notice you have an Outer Limits card on your sidebar there, too. I wish those cards were in realm of affordability, too.