December 30, 2011

My Best Of 2011: Favorite Vintage Card

When it comes to Hank Aaron cards I have only a few from when he was an active player and those were from his playing days as a Brewer.  So I've been trying to rectify that purchased this card at an obscenely low price from COMC.  The '62 Topps version books at $60 but as you can see a child with a really, really, really, dull pair of scissors took to the cereal box and came out with this:

1962 Topps #149 Hank Aaron
You can see how badly they cut a square by turning the card over:  That bottom right corner it pretty outstanding.

I also picked up the only manufactured nameplate cards that I would want to own...unless they happened to make an Andy Pafko....[they didn't].  

2011 Topps Update Glove Namplate #HA

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