Genius Covers: Condorman #3

I love life action covers for comic books and this shot is the best/most ridiculous part of this issue.  This shot is from the 1981 Disney film Condorman and is the cover of Condorman #3 published by Whitman Comics in 1981.

Here's the poster from the movie.  What could possibly go wrong when you make a movie that tries to appeal to everyone on the planet.  As the poster says it's an "action adventure romantic comedy spy story."

Condorman is clearly an attempted rip off of DC comics great Hawkman.  The problem being that Hawkman's wings were smaller and more controlled while Condorman's wings were attached and unmanageable.

Which gives you shots like the one below.  How is this costume practical at all even if it does let you fly/glide?   

As far as the action goes in issue #3 the story line involves giving secrets to the Russians but of the 32 pages in the issue, Condorman is only in costume and in action from page 29-32.  Stan Lee would just not let this happen is the comic was done by Marvel!  

And when I say "in action" I mean as he is flying/gliding he runs into some seagulls which give him a lot of trouble.

So much trouble in fact that he falls from the sky and lands right on the bad guy who drops his gun.  

Without the ridiculous cover this comic would not be worth it...but they did give me a graphic that I could possibly use for a new blog logo after a little photoshopping of the text..  


Todd Uncommon said…
The fact that this post disinterred a troll aptly demonstrates the power of the Internet. Or, at least the power of the news tab in Google when running a search for "Condorman". I bet this is the only result that shows up since the last Bush administration.