Let's Pepper Spray Some Junk Wax

As you've flipped around the interwebs these past few days I'm sure you've seen photos of the police response to the protesters at the University of California-Davis.  They look something like this:

You may have also seen a really funny parody of these photos in which the pepper spraying cop is placed into famous settings.  Here are a few of my favorites:

This brings a new meaning to "In Your Eyes."

So I took it the to the logical next step and made my own Pepper Spray Cop baseball cards:

Was Kevin Mitchel safe?  Who cares, he can't breath!

Pepper Spray Cop was out at second but Cookie got a face full of the Ghost Chili.

Say what you will about Pepper Spray Cop, at least he doesn't like gimmick cards!


dayf said…
Nooooooo not Cookie!

The Pink Floyd made me larf though!