De-Laminating The Die-Cuts!

UPDATE: Josh D. of the Royals and Randoms blog gave us a much better name.  We will now be "De-Laminating The Die-Cuts" when we rip off the plastic film and free them from their prison!  Thanks Josh!

Dear dayf,

Have you seen one of the Diamond die-cut cards in person yet?

I received my first two today and was ecstatic to see each card has a plastic film on it...meaning we get to Free The Finest!  Or I guess Emancipate The Die-Cuts! De-Laminate The Die-Cuts!  [I couldn't find a synonym for "free" that really worked with "die-cut." See UPDATE."]  Anyway, can't wait to see your Chipper Diamond die-cut free one day.


Matt F.


Josh D. said…
Delaminate the Die-Cuts!