Antique Junk

During a trip to New Mexico for my work I stopped off at an antique shop that I had driven by a few times in El Paso.  You never know what card treasures will lie within and although I had hoped for your the best but as it often is, only disappointment awaited me.

We begin with three cans of Pinnacle at $20 each.  Sure, Pudge Rodriguez is a future Hall of Famer but Ryan Klesko and Albert Belle for $20?  You can find these for about $5 each on eBay with better players.  I'm surprised that it looks like we haven't opened a can of these yet on A Pack To Be Named Later.

And now we come to the junk wax...all the usual suspects are here at a price tage of $3.00 a pack or at a 2 for $5.00 rate for those big spenders out there!  


Those fine folks may know antiques, but they do NOT know junk wax...or aluminum.
Josh D. said…
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Josh D. said…
It's good to know that their old Donruss is locked in a secure display case!