My Little Cheesehead

I haven't posted in about a month and I wish I had a good reason as to why...but I'm back and I do have two great reason why.  First, let's start with this:

I'm calling her  "My Little Cheesehead" and you get only one guess as to who sent it to me.

It wasn't just a drawing in the package though...along with My Little Cheesehead he also sent a current cheesehead:

2009 SAGE HIT #A69 B.J. Raji Autograph
This brings me to three B.J. autographs and all of them are in this Boston College jersey.

Thanks dayf for inspiring me to get back on the "blogging horse" so to speak.


Spankee said…
Hooray for a VT Hokies cameo!
dayf said…
FEETSBALL! I'm glad I sent these at the right time, they've been sitting on my desk since the Super Bowl :)