October 29, 2011

My 1971 Topps Collection Takes A Giant Step Forward

While at the National [it's hard to believe that was actually three months ago already] I hit the "90% Off Beckett" bins hard and took a lot of the big cards of my 1971 Topps Needs List from the "needem" to the "gottem" category.  I'm now at 87.5% complete!

#580 Tony Perez
I was hoping to see a shot of Bob sitting in the stands during Game 7 last night but I never saw him. 

#450 Bob Gibson
#640 Frank Robinson
I was most excited to find this card at a really great deal and as you can tell from the scan it is in by far the best condition of all the '71 Topps cards I bought at the National.

#550 Harmon Killebrew
In terms of scarcity, this seemed to be the hardest card to find of this group.  As this was a Hall of Fame manager and also a short print it was also the card I spent the most on: $6.00.

#688 Sparky Anderson
With the addition of this card I now have cards 1-399 with card #400 being Hank Aaron.

#341 Steve Garvey

And here are a few non-star players that I picked up including two high-numbered short-prints.

#556 Jim McGlothlin
#710 Sonny Siebert
#639 Tom Haller

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