My 1971 Topps Collection Takes A Giant Step Forward

While at the National [it's hard to believe that was actually three months ago already] I hit the "90% Off Beckett" bins hard and took a lot of the big cards of my 1971 Topps Needs List from the "needem" to the "gottem" category.  I'm now at 87.5% complete!

#580 Tony Perez
I was hoping to see a shot of Bob sitting in the stands during Game 7 last night but I never saw him. 

#450 Bob Gibson
#640 Frank Robinson
I was most excited to find this card at a really great deal and as you can tell from the scan it is in by far the best condition of all the '71 Topps cards I bought at the National.

#550 Harmon Killebrew
In terms of scarcity, this seemed to be the hardest card to find of this group.  As this was a Hall of Fame manager and also a short print it was also the card I spent the most on: $6.00.

#688 Sparky Anderson
With the addition of this card I now have cards 1-399 with card #400 being Hank Aaron.

#341 Steve Garvey

And here are a few non-star players that I picked up including two high-numbered short-prints.

#556 Jim McGlothlin
#710 Sonny Siebert
#639 Tom Haller


night owl said…
Congrats on all of them, but especially the Sparky. That's one of the few left that I need.
Fuji said…
Best of luck on completing this set... I remember owning the Garvey back in the 80's. One of these days, I'll chase another one day for my vintage PC.
Dinged Corners said…
That's impressive! Tantalizingly close to finishing. PS Bob Gibson's sideburns rock in that photo.