What's Inside Five Packs Of 2009 Americana?

Here's what I found in five packs of 2009 Donruss Americana [purchased for 99 cents each at Target]. There was a lot of...

#94 Marton Csokas

A little of the ultraviolence...
#42 Malcolm McDowell

Brains! [Romero fans, please save your comments...I know his zombies don't have a taste for brains...they'll eat any part of a human...]

#52 George Romero

A Spencer Tracy relic!  My first ever relic straight from an Americana pack.

Movie Posters #45 Boys Town/Spencer Tracy Clothing Relic #104/500

#44 Stephen Baldwin

#90 James Caan
 And two packs later another relic!  When I'm hot, I'm hot.  

Movie Posters #50 Mrs. Miniver/Greer Garson/Teresa Wright Clothing Relic #325/500


The Dimwit said…
Wow... great pulls on the two relic cards! The wife would be mad to see you 1) found americana packs, and 2) actually pulled relics... all we get if we find them are base cards... on a side note, if you end up with a spare Tori Spelling base card, that's the only one left she needs from that year.
I pulled the same Spencer Tracy. Same little white line. Cool.

Dimwit, I have the Tori Spelling, I just might not be able to find it.