Recounting Of A Brutal Blaster Opening

I've been putting this post off for quite some time.  I would look at the pile of cards on my card sorting table and turn away quickly as if seeing something that was truly upsetting.  Today, I am pulling myself together and summoning the strength to talk about my ripping of a blaster of Upper Deck's World Of Sports.

I'm not sure what I was thinking spending some of my income tax return on a full priced blaster to begin with.  I think at the time [this would have have been mid-April] I was just so desperate for something new that I fell back into the warm embrace of Upper Deck no matter what product they were offering.  I wasn't promised a jersey card on the box but an entire blaster of just base cards without inserts was dreadful.  And I realize that whole generations opened packs that were just base cards but in today's collecting environment it's like going to a restaurant on the hottest summer's day and finding the restaurant doesn't have air conditioning.

In terms of getting some interesting base cards I did alright I guess.  I was able to get the Tiger Woods base card but no Lebron.  Along with Tiger, there were a few other cards of players just about anyone had heard of...including one infamous one highlighted at the end here.

#250 Tiger Woods
#304 Sidney Crosby
#62 Landon Donovan
#114 Hope Solo
#228 Nancy Kerrigan

But a huge majority of the set was of players and sports that you would never guess would be included.  I guess I had hoped this set could be a set highlighting the champions of the world [like Allen & Ginter with photography]...I just didn't expect the top 15 lacrosse players or the top 10 female hockey players.  What could have been.

As in the Field Level View review of the product, if you desire any of the cards in the set, buy singles and avoid packs.