Inspired By Ken: Bill Lee

**The card purchases inspired by watching Ken Burn's 18.5 hour Baseball documentary over the course of a week in June 2011**

Through the last few innings of Baseball, every once in a while we'd get to hear Bill Lee's interpretation of baseball history all while wearing a CCCP baseball cap.  

It's the kind of "making a statement" fashion choice that has Lee just begging for some to tell him how stupid it makes him look.  It's one thing to support the idea of socialism or even communism, it's another thing to celebrate the Soviet Union.   Or maybe I've got it all wrong and he's really just a fan of C.C.C.P. the German techno band.

My irritation in Lee didn't stop me from tracking down a few of his cards including his 1970 Topps rookie card.

1970 Topps #279 Bill Lee
1979 Topps #455 Bill Lee
1982 Topps #323 Bill Lee