The 5 Best From A 2011 Score Value Pack

In honor of the new season, lets open some Score 2011.  This year's design has a sort of retro theme in my opinion that reminds me of the 90's designs...Here are the Top 5 cards of the 52 that I received in my jumbo pack for $4.98:

#1 -- I include Romo because he's from Wisconsin, like men, and he's my fantasy quarterback.  If only he played for any other team than the Cowboys he would easily be my favorite non-Packer player.

#83 Tony Romo

#2 -- Pulling a Randy Moss as a Titan card is a weird experience.  It would have been nice to see him in a Vikings uniform one last time.  There are rumors now that he might end up with the Saints but after watching Thursday's game I'm not sure if the Saints needs another receiver as their offense looked pretty good, even in a loss. 

#289 Randy Moss
#3 -- Ryan Grant made his return on Thursday and already has more rushing attempts than he did all of last season.  Although he wasn't the leading rusher for the game [that would be James Starks who blossomed in the playoffs last year] it will be nice for the Pack to have a great 1-2 punch at running back.  

#111 Ryan Grant
#4 -- Greg Jennings had a great start to his season with a touchdown and 89 yards receiving.  

#107 Greg Jennings
#5 -- Success! I pulled the only rookie I was really looking for.  Randall Cobb put his name towards the top of many football card collector's list after Thursday's game.   

#377 Randall Cobb [Rookie Card]