Genius Covers: Web of Spider-Man #38

Today's cover comes from the May 1988 issue of Web of Spider-Man, which is the forth best Spider-Man series after, The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, and The Spectacular Spider-Man.  This issue was right in my wheel-house as a collector with its $1.00 price tag...meaning I could buy two issues with my $2.00 a week allowance.  One time I tried to get my allowance twice in a weekend, once from my Dad and once from my Mom.  It worked until I found out that, apparently, my parents talked about what happened during their day.

Fabian Nicieza wrote this issue which is mainly a big fight between Spider-Man and Hobgoblin.  Spider-Man nearly looses after getting accidentally drunk when someone spikes the punch at a party that Peter Parker was attending.  As you can see, this issue is also during the black suit/Venom period.

There weren't any great advertisements in this issue but here is the best single caption from the issue: 

It reminds me to this great Ben Folds Five song with the lyric "Bass In Your Face!"