The Difference Is In The Details

I recently highlighted my Andy Pafko collection and I thought highlight the slight differences between two of my older Pafko cards.  I'm speaking of my two "Salutations" cards.  The first one was produced somewhere between 1939 and 1946 and features a "Yours Truly, Andy Pafko."  These cards were one of the first series to use simulated signatures and they were available in vending machines.

1939-1946 Exhibits Salutation Andy Pafko
As you can see on the close up of Andy's baseball cap you can see the "C" on the cap for the Chicago Cubs.  

Here's an even closer look:

And now we'll move onto nearly the exact same card but from a little later.  This one was made somewhere between 1947 and 1966 and has the same salutation.

1947-1966 Exhibits Salutation Andy Pafko
But looking at Andy's cap you'll notice something is a little different.  The "C" now seems to be an "O" or maybe a "D."  One thing is for certain, the "C" that was once very clear has been modified.

Here's another extreme close-up:

This slight difference does play into the value of this particular card...the "C" version is worth slightly more than the later version.