Cards From Jeff's: Coins, Coins, Coins

**In this series I highlight the cards purchased from Jeff's Sports Cards, the best card shop in Northeastern Kansas**

Jeff's had a nice new collection on display since the last time I was in the shop...a nice collection of 1964  Topps Coins.

There were 164 coins made for the set with 44 of them highlighting the All-Star Game selections.  These were actually inserts into wax packs in the 1964 set and some of the higher valued coins include Pete Rose, Willie Mays, and Mickey Mantle.  There are actually two versions of Mantle's coins, one with him batting righty and one lefty.

I purchased a Harmon Killebrew All-Star coin for $4.00 which seems to be pretty good from the listing I've seen.

1964 Topps #133 Harmon Killebrew
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(...Joe) said…
Sooooo nice! I think I might be the only collector in the world actually working on this set.