Team Set Tuesday: 2011 Topps Series 1 History Of Topps Set

The "History of Topps" cards from 2011 Topps Series 1 fell 1:18 packs and although I bought a lot more than 18 packs of Series 1 I only pulled one of these cards in all that ripping...having not pulled any I didn't really consider collecting his insert set until I found an BIN auction that had done all my work for me.  They were offering the set for $3.00 and so I swooped down and grabbed it.  Here is the 10-card set in it's Eisner-ific glory:

#HOT-1 Topps Is Founded By The Shorin Family

#HOT-2 First Cards Are Sold

#HOT-3 Sy Berger Creates The 1st Complete Set

#HOT-4 Topps Sets The Card Size Standard

#HOT-5 Topps Goes Public

#HOT-6 First Topps Traded Set

#HOT-7 Topps Reintroduces Bowman

#HOT-8 Topps Moves From Brooklyn To NYC

#HOT-9 Eisner and Co Buy In To Topps

#HOT-10 Topps Receives MLB Exclusive