Show and Tell #111: My Last King of Kings

Reader Mike D., who always keeps the great cards flowing through my mailbox, sent me the last Donruss King of Kings cards that I needed.  This is one of those numbered out of 10,000 cards from the 90's sets that is pretty rare to find and who's price tag is usually pretty high.  I struggle to understand how those runs of 10,000 cards are very rare when at the same time I can often find at least 25% of a limited print run card of say 100 on eBay and other sources.  In return for the Ripken I'm sending him the John Smoltz short print variations from 2011 Topps Series 2. 

1995 Donruss DK-30 Cal Ripken Jr. King of Kings #00572/10000



Do you still need an '86 Donruss Aaron puzzle? I sent you a couple of emails about it and you've never responded.

I have one if you're interested.