Seen At The National -- Part 5

**Discoveries made at the 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention**

My card purchasing goal/fantasy at the National was to find a really banged up Andy Pafko 1952 Topps #1.  I was willing to spend $75-80 for it to.  I have been following some rough Pafkos on eBay for a few months now and I was hoping to complete my search for my White Whale in person at the show.  Well, Andy Pafko #1 I certainly did find but nothing that was anywhere near the condition that I could afford.  I snapped a few photos of what I'll notice that in the first photo the dealer had two, one for $650 and one for $1100.

The second photo has a PSA graded 5 for a little under a grand.

Although they are pricey, these cards have a pretty accurate market value as you rarely find anything graded above a 5...on eBay currently there are three cards graded at 5 and nothing listed in a higher graded condition.