Seen At The National -- Part 3

**Discoveries made at the 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention**

As Chris Olds says, The National IS overwhelming.  Some of the frustration is the lack of organization that exists at some of the booths. They pay a lot of money for those booths and then half-ass it when it comes to being able to have customers look and buy their cards.  So many cases were shut with huge stack of probably great cards inside probably never to be looked at by anyone at the show.

But then you have this booth which was mostly all prospect and rookie cards.  Each card stack was labeled with what card it was and how much.  The control freak collector in me was very impressed.

The close up doesn't really show you how impressive it really was:

Here's one entire side of the booth:

And for whatever reason when you were in that area of the convention you could really feel the air conditioning blowing.  It was just enough to feel but not quite enough to blow loose cards around the table.