A Pile Of Cards Transported 600 Miles South

A few weeks ago my parents visited me in Kansas and my dad asked me if there was anything in particular that I needed. I of course asked for the standard things:

--Wisconsin cheese curds [of course]
--any interesting Packer stuff he had run into...
--and my last request was to find some of the boxes of cards that I'd left abandoned at my parents house when I moved out about 10 years ago.  My collection has been divided between Lawrence and Wisconsin and to be honest I really have no idea of what cards I have other than a lot of Jose Canseco rookies and a Kirby Pucket Topps rookie.

So I said bring any loose boxes you can find and what they brought is pictured below.  My dad didn't find my most sacred cards as there was no sign of Jose or Kirby but what he did bring was junk wax gold. 

As you can see I've got a 1988 Topps complete set [opened of course!] I didn't believe in keeping factory sets sealed until about 1994.  There was one of those damn Dugout boxes that actually damaged the cards inside it [I think that has to be a post in the near future].  Also included were eight boxes of misc cards, a nearly full box of Pro Set English soccer cards from 1992 and some unopened sets of Pro Sets Super Bowl XXV collectors set.  Those last two will be given away in some future contests so keep an eye out.  Some of the treasures I found in the boxes will be highlighted in the future as well.


mike said…
That, my friend, is junk wax gonzo! If there was ever and era of excess, you are looking at the gold chains and popped collars right there. Wow. Pro Set soccer - I have the 1990 set, made two of them with one box...wow.
I still need one single card (Mike Webster) to finish the Super Bowl XXV set. I'll consider taking a compete set to get it. Let me know.