The Packers and Obama

The Packers lost to the Browns last night! Shock! Horror! The season is over! We're doomed, doomed I tells ya!

The problem was they were probably too tired from partying with the President of the United States on Friday!  At least this time we didn't have a shit head like Mark Chmura who refused to meet with Bill Clinton in 1997 when the Packers last won the Super Bowl. 

You may remember that Obama picked the Bears over the Packers in the NFC championship game

Remember the scandal about wearing flip flops to the White House?  I hope no red-blooded American will make the same argument with a cheese head! 

While the #1 hasn't been officially been retired by the Packers it is the number that Curly Lambeau wore.  They should have gone with #44 instead...I don't think James Starks would have minded.