August 17, 2011

Is It Real?

A few weeks before Bob Feller died I bought this autographed Baseball Legends card for $2.00...There was no COA and it's not an official signed older card as you sometimes see in the Topps Heritage sets.  So, if real, the card was either a through the mail request or maybe signed in person.  But "is it real?" is the important question. 

1988 Pacific Baseball Legends #101 Bob Feller

I have an official Bob Feller autograph that I purchased from the Bob Feller museum in Van Meter, IA last year.  Here's what that signature looks like and compare it to the on-card autograph. 

It is the "B" in "Bob" that is getting me here.  The "F" in Feller looks okay to me.

Here are a few other certified versions of Feller's signature for you to compare.  It seems to me that on my Baseball Legends card he was signing with a pen with a wider tip and that's why it seems like the Baseball Legends signature is not as precise as the others. 

What do you think?  Fake or genuine?
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