Heartbreaking Damage: A Card That Could Make Night Owl Cry

**In this series we highlight the cards that may have seen better days but the rough times these cards have seen have made them infinitely more interesting.**

To my brother in blogging, Mr. Night Owl, which is the worst thing about his card?

1.  The pain of being reminded that the Dodgers left Brooklyn for the den of iniquity that is Los Angeles.


2.  That some kid in 1958 decided to do a little "cosmetic surgery" on his Silver Fox card.

1956 Topps #150 Duke Snider

P.S. Nice, ungraded copies of this card can be found on eBay for between $50-75. My copy was a part of about 12 vintage star cards that were very damaged for $20, so I paid about $1.50 for it.


Spiegel83 said…
I kinda like "LA" Dodger Duke Snider card. It gives the card some added charm.
night owl said…
Phew! From the title, I thought I was going to see Snider transformed into a Giant (it's bad enough he played for them).

That ain't so bad.
jont said…
Interesting about this card . . . That's not some diminutive bat boy glad handing the Duke but rather Pee Wee Reese, who was about to bat out of order.