Error Cards: Dick Ellsworth/Ken Hubbs Error

**It could be a reversed negative, an obscenity written on a baseball bat, a picture of the wrong player, or a typo but there is something seriously wrong with these cards.**

This card is one of my all-time favorite error cards and is actually my favorite Ken Hubbs card even though it's technically not a Ken Hubbs Card.  Instead, that name on the front and information on the back is of Dick Ellsworth.  Dick was the Cubs most successful pitcher of the 60's [yes, you read that right.  Ferguson Jenkins didn't really get started with his string of 20+ win season until 1967] and for whatever reason his 1967 card pictures the deceased Ken Hubbs who died in a plane crash two years earlier.

I love the photo of Ken and I'm working slowly but surely toward having all his cards.  This error creates a bonus Hubbs card that normally wouldn't exist but it must have been embarrassing for Topps and hopefully it wasn't too painful for the Hubbs family to have another card accidentally issued for Ken after his untimely death. 

1966 Topps #447 Dick Ellsworth [Ken Hubbs Pictured]

Thanks to Mike D. for trading me this card!


Unknown said…
This is a 1966 card, not 1967