Cards From The Box: Early Thomes

**In this series we delve deep into this box of cards, purchased for $2.99**

Next up in The Box we have some early Jim Thome Indians cards...Jim hit his 598th home run this past weekend and so it will probably in the next two weeks that he'll crack 600.  This is the main reason why Thome's road to 600 is not like the anticipation of Jeter's 300.  He's hit only 9 home runs this season while Jeter's had 103 hits so far.  Jeter could get 5 hits in a game while Thome hitting two homers in a game, let alone a week, seems next to impossible.  Anyway, when Jim hits his 599th dinger I'm sure his coverage will pick up.

1994 Fleer #121 Jim Thome

1994 Score #167 Jim Thome

1993 Donruss #171 Jim Thome


Dawgbones said…
Are there any teams he hasn't played for yet??