This Week In Politics Presented By Beardy

***On Sundays we like to get into the political talk show spirit by showing you the new additions to my political card collection**

This week's installment of This Week In Politics is brought to you by Beardy of The Mojo Beard

Certainly the most overlooked of the Founding Father presidents, James Monroe's Monroe Doctrine was the most important foreign policy decision made by the early presidents.  You don't find a lot of low numbered political cards so this on being out of 34 is quite nice. 

2008 Goudey #234 James Monroe Black Back #19/34

I knew these Presidential Pastimes cards were available in Chrome but I had never seen the refractor version of them.  Beardy sent me four refractors and they look great outside the penny sleeve.  Ultra Pro should really get on building penny sleeve technology that enhances the look of refractors when they are slipped inside. 

2004 Topps Chrome Presidential Pastimes #PP1 George Washington Refractor
2004 Topps Chrome Presidential Pastimes #PP7 Andrew Jackson Refractor
2004 Topps Chrome Presidential Pastimes #PP12 Zachary Taylor Refractor
2004 Topps Chrome Presidential Pastimes #PP10 John Tyler Refractor
The Topps American Pie set came out during the dark period of my was similar to the Watergate years highlighted in the card below.  In fact these are the first American Pie cards I think I've ever owned.

2001 Topps American Pie #131 Flower Power
2001 Topps American Pie #136 Nixon Resigns
2001 Topps American Pie #121 Kennedy Assassinations
Thanks again Beardy!