July 26, 2011

Team Set Tuesday: Topps 2011 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Set

The lockout is over [or nearly over] and now we can begin to plan the Packers repeat Super Bowl win.  The first major question will be who will stay and go for the Packers during free agency.  When they signed A.J. Hawk to a five-year deal in March they crossed off their most important free agent that could have signed with another team.  The remaining Packer free agents to be concerned about would be:

James Jones
John Kuhn
Atari Bigby
Mason Crosby

And of that list I included James Jones mainly because I have four of his autographs and don't really want to see in succeed with any other team.   He dropped so many passes last season during the playoffs and Super Bowl that seeing him go would probably lower my blood pressure.  I don't really suspect that the Packers will let John Kuhn be picked up by another team...at least I hope not. 

Here's the set.  I was drooling over it when it was announced right after the Super Bowl and I have been holding on from showing off the cards until we had some good news about the possibility of a 2011 season.  I can't really imagine 2011 surpassing 2010 and so it's nice to sit back and reminisce. 

#1 Aaron Rodgers
#2 Greg Jennings

#3 James Jones
#4 Donald Driver
#5 Jordy Nelson
#6 James Starks
#7 Brandon Jackson
#8 John Kuhn
#9 Andrew Quarless
#10 Jermichael Finley
#11 Charles Woodson
#12 Clay Matthews
#13 A.J. Hawk
#14 B.J. Raji
#15 Nick Collins
#16 Tramon  Williams
#17 Desmond Bishop
#18 Sam Shields
#19 Chad Clifton
#20 Green Bay Packers
#21 Williams Sends Eagles Home
#22 Rodgers Dominates Falcons
#23 Rodgers Sparks Pack With Diving TD
#24 Raji's Pick-Six Squashes Bears
#25 Rodgers-Nelson Connection Torches Steelers
#26 Nick's Pick Propels Packers
#27 Super Bowl Champions
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