Team Set Tuesday: Minnesota Twins 2011 Topps

**It's Tuesday! What better way to celebreate with a team set!**

The Twins continue to try to claw their way back into contention and they might have a chance if the Indians continue to cool off.  I mainly bought this team set for the Target Field card which I don't believe is available anywhere else.  I haven't had a chance to see a game at the new stadium yet but someday...

#MIN17 Target Field
Tsuyoshi Nishioka led his Japanese league in batting average and runs scored in 2010 and so the Twins scooped him up in the off-season.  He started at 2nd base but was soon injured and was on the disabled list for nearly 60 games.  

#MIN5 Tsuyoshi Nishioka
#MIN4 Brian Duensing
#MIN11 Carl Pavano

Danny finished third in the Rookie of the Year voting last season.

#MIN14 Danny Valencia
#MIN12 Delmon Young
Nearly every time I write about a Denard Span card I'm continually writing Denard in Warren Spahn.

#MIN15 Denard Span
#MIN8 Francisco Liriano
#MIN7 Jason Kubel
Now that Jeter's count-up to 3,000 is over we can now move over to Jim Thome's count-up to 600 home runs.  He's at 595 right now and baring any huge explosions of power he should reach it in a couple of weeks.

#MIN16 Jim Thome
#MIN1 Joe Mauer
#MIN9 Joe Nathan
#MIN2 Justin Morneau
#MIN3 Michael Cuddyer
#MIN10 Kevin Slowey
#MIN6 Scott Baker
#MIN13 Trevor Plouffe


Anonymous said…
my team set had two Mauer cards in it -- did yours?
Matt Flaten said…
No, just one. Was it a double copy or a different design? I know he's got a different picture for the Chrome version that will be coming soon.