Starting a New Group Break

They say a baseball card blogger always remember their first group break.  I hope that is the case as I'm happy to announce a new group break that I hope we'll be able to do either monthly or bi-monthly.

First and foremost, these group breaks will be designed with the team collector in mind, MOJO be damned.  If you are looking for a case break of Triple Threads, please consult another web page.  There will certainly be game used/autograph hits in the boxes that we open but those should be thought of as a bonus rather than the sole reason to get involved with the break.  Again, the focus here is on base cards and team building.

How it would work: We will choose a year and then get a box or two of as many products as we can and and try to keep it in the $12-17 per team range.  The focus would be on the more obscure sets and so, if push came to shove, we would choose a set like Topps Gold Label or Tek over the Topps flagship set.

All the cards opened would be shipped. All non-sports cards/hits would randomized off to teams that didn't already get a hit.  Hit cards with players of different teams will be randomized between those two teams as well.  

I've got a separate blog devoted to the details of it and you can find it here:  Genius Group Breaks

If you are interested in taking part please sign up there and if you have any questions shoot me an e-mail.

I've selected products from 1996 as our first break and we will certainly jump to more recent cards in future breaks.