Show and Tell #106b: Nearly Mint's Royals Relic Explosion

When Nearly Mint proposed a trade with me he gave me a list of cards that he thought I might be interested in...I took a look and every card was one I was interested in. When I actually got the cards I was overjoyed by how great the cards were. It's like seeing a picture of the Grand Canyon and then actually seeing the Grand Canyon...well, I guess, no it's not. Went a little to far there in my simile. They may not be the Grand Canyon but there are still pretty great. Thanks again Greg!

Alex nearly made the All-Star game roster this season...which was kind of a stretch I think...hitting .300 with 11 homers isn't exactly ripping things up but in the overall scope of Alex Gordon's career this season has certainly been an All-Star one for him.

2010 Topps 206 #TR-AG Alex Gordon Bat Relic

Not one but two Kila Ka'aihue auto graph refractor cards.  You know you're a Royals fan when you can spell Kila's name without double checking it on the card.  I hope Kila gets another chance this season as he was sent to the minors after 23 games this year.  I think he has the ability to be a Richie Sexson type player if he could get on a team that could absorb his really low batting average.

2010 Topps Chrome #215 Kila Ka'aihue Blue Refractor Autograph #149/199
2010 Topps Chrome #215 Kila Ka'aihue Refractor Autograph #362/499
I have this exact card already but the jersey swatch is of the robin egg blue variety as opposed to the dark blue on this card.  This one clear beats the older on in my opinion.

2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #SS-BB Billy Butler Jersey Relic

These last two are of Royals much maligned closer Joakim Soria.  Will he be traded?  Won't he be traded?  It's not even clear if the Royals want to unload him.  Nevertheless, a list of teams has been reported that Joakim does NOT want to be traded to.  Some of these name might surprise you:

1.  The Yankees
2.  Red Sox
3.  Phillies [maybe he's afraid he won't get many save opportunities with their great starting pitching]
4.  Dodgers [this one I can completely understand with their bankruptcy issues]
5.  The Rockies
6.  The Braves

2009 Topps Heritage #CC-JS Joakim Soria Jersey Relic
2009 Upper Deck #GJ-SO Joakim Soria Jersey Relic