Show and Tell #106a: Nearly Mint's GEM MINT 10 Trade

This is the first of a multiple part trade post about a trade with Nearly Mint from earlier this summer.  I've got minis, X-Fractors, relics, and autographs.  First up we have the minis including a nice looking Tony Gwynn mini and a numbered mini of former Royals ace Zack Greinke.

Here are some of the more interesting backs...

And now for some X-Fractors...

2008 Topps Chrome #46 Ben Sheets X-Fractor
2008 Topps Chrome #192 Jeff Niemann X-Fractor
2009 Topps Chrome #201 X-Fractor

In my long list of "someday I'll write about it" someday I'll do the ultimate primer on X-Fractors and all the different designs they have taken over the years. My all-time personal favorite is 2009 Chrome when they added the little "throwing star" [as I like to call it] into the design.  You can see it clearly in the green grass on Fernando's card above.

Look for more about his trade with a whole bunch of mojo in the next installment of Show and Tell.