Show and Tell #105: Thanks Spiegel

Thanks Spiegel of Nomo's Sushi Platter...

Thanks for reminding me that Goose Gossage played for the Mariners for one season in 1994.

1995 Pacific #397 Goose Gossage

Thanks for sending me this Joe Mauer card that I hadn't pulled yet.
2011 Topps #T60-76 Joe Mauer Topps 60
Thank you for sending me this 2011 Topps reprint which has now given me a card to chase in my Short Term Colleccting Goals.

2011 Topps #CMT165 Ben Sheets/Barry Zito 2000 Topps
Last but not least, thank you for give me some shiny Royals even if one is of a former #1 overall pick that it looks like won't be the superstar we hoped and the other is a modern day Dave Kingman with a .195 batting average this season.

2011 Topps #620 Luke Hochevar Diamond Version
2011 Topps #527 Kila Ka'aihue Diamond Version


Spiegel83 said…
Glad you liked what I sent. Thanks for the magnetics.