The Rookie Card Series: 2006 Bowman Heritage Rookies

**In this series we do rookie cards and nothing else.**

I recently took 2006 Bowman Heritage off my "Sets I'm Working On" list because too much time has gone by on that set and I really just don't care about it too much any longer.  So I took the set, took out the rookies and player that I collect and threw the commons in the commons box.  As I was sorting, I was struck by how may great rookies there were in this set/year and so I thought a new post in the Rookie Card Series is required.

We've got rookies of Cole Hamels, Sin-Soo Choo, Ian Kinsler, Francisco Liriano, Prince Fielder, Nick Markakis, Justin Verlander, Andre Ethier, Jered Weaver, Dan Uggla, Stephen Drew, Fausto Carmona, and Matt Cain.

#225 Cole Hamels
#219 Shin-Soo Choo
#207 Ian Kinsler
#220 Francisco Liriano
#285 Prince Fielder
#283 Nick Markakis
#250 Justin Verlander
#295 Andre Ethier
#279 Jered Weaver
#201 Dan Uggla
#290 Stephen Drew
#296 Fausto Carmona
#298 Matt Cain