New Doctor Who Trailer

I don't know if my love of Doctor Who has ever crossed over to this blog but there is a new trailer out for the new half-season and it tackles the ultimate time travel question: should you go back in time and kill Hitler?


jackplumstead said…
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jackplumstead said…
Some great stories this season. Matt Smith, I think, is a brilliant Doctor.
Anonymous said…
I'm still having trouble accepting Matt Smith as The Doctor. But, I'm sticking with it. Unfortunately, I don't have a TV that will pick up any stations so I have to wait for the DVD to come out or the series to hit Netflix before I can watch it.

My son and I have watched the first five seasons of the new series, and David Tennant is far and away my favorite of the new Doctors.

Good to see there is another DW fan in the BBC blogosphere, though! :) I've actually thought about making some sort of Doctor Who custom cards using baseball card designs, maybe this will be the motivation to actually do so!
Matt F. said…
Doctor Who cards would be great! I would consider David Tennant as my "Personal Doctor" and Matt Smith is maybe a bit better than Christopher Eccleston. The first episodes I ever saw were of Tom Baker but they were few and far between.

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