My Most Wanted 2011 Goodwin Champions Cards

I was bored last night so I headed over to baseballcardpedia and investigated the 2011 Goodwin Champions checklist to see what looked interesting and where I would focus my singles buying...

I found a few from the base set

#1 King Kelly
#35 Hakeem Olajuwon
#42 Bonnie & Clyde
#80 Aaron Rodgers
#110 Jesse James
#140 John McGraw

Plus, there were a few short prints to track down...

Short Prints

#161 Jules Verne
#163 Ed Delahanty

And then I came to card #178 on the check list and read

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd??

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd!!!!!!!!!

A quick eBay search later gave me this:

And a little further scan leads to this:

Yes, Yes, Yes!  Just look at that signature!  Card of the Year for me!


Scott Crawford said…
That is one serious auto. I may have to patrol eBay for it. Let's work together and try not to snipe each other, heh.
flywheels said…
Have you found the SP or the auto yet? These aren't as bad as people are making them out to be. I kinda like 'em myself. Wish more cards came in each pack though.
Matt Flaten said…
Nope, haven't pulled the trigger yet...I was hoping that some more cards would get listed but it doesn't seem like it's a very popular product, or maybe there aren't too many Oil Can autos.