July 7, 2011

My Most Wanted 2011 Goodwin Champions Cards

I was bored last night so I headed over to baseballcardpedia and investigated the 2011 Goodwin Champions checklist to see what looked interesting and where I would focus my singles buying...

I found a few from the base set

#1 King Kelly
#35 Hakeem Olajuwon
#42 Bonnie & Clyde
#80 Aaron Rodgers
#110 Jesse James
#140 John McGraw

Plus, there were a few short prints to track down...

Short Prints

#161 Jules Verne
#163 Ed Delahanty

And then I came to card #178 on the check list and read

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd??

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd!!!!!!!!!

A quick eBay search later gave me this:

And a little further scan leads to this:

Yes, Yes, Yes!  Just look at that signature!  Card of the Year for me!
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