The Most Valuable Seattle Pilots Card

Setting aside the high number/short print shenanigans that are always a part of putting together a 1960s-era team set, this card is the most valuable Seattle Pilots card in existence. It's a little misleading in that this isn't Lou Piniella's rookie card.  His rookie card can be found four years earlier in the 1964 set.

To confuse matters further, Seattle drafted Lou in the expansion draft and then traded him to the Royals before ever playing a game for the Pilots.  So although he is listed as a Pilots Rookie Star on the card Lou wasn't really a rookie and he never played a major league game for the Pilots.

1969 Topps #394 Lou Piniella/Marv Staehle Rookie Stars


Hackenbush said…
Lou was also on a Rookie Sr=tars card in 1968 with the Indians. That's got to be a record.