More Graded Action...This Time With Floating Heads

Today's turning into graded card central...As a fan of all things floating heads, I picked this one up at a card show for $3 mainly because it was 24 floating head cards all at once, including heads of some of my favorite players like Jim Kaat and Dick Allen.

1975 Topps #276 White Sox Team
Here's the reverse side, with an really interesting team set offer.  

For 40 cents you get all 24 cards...and that looks to be postage included.  Based on inflation that would be $1.51 in 2010 dollars...quite a nice little deal. 

But I would love to know how Topps shipped the cards to you and was a plain what envelope possibly involved?  


night owl said…
I ordered the team checklists through this offer when I was a kid. They came in a sheet that you had to separate yourself. The card stock was white and thinner.

I don't remember how it came packaged, but my guess is it came in a tube, rolled up like a poster.