Heartbreakingly Great Names #31: Rance Mulliniks

**This series highlights those few lucky [and unlucky] athletes that have names that make you stop and do a double take.**

Rance Mulliniks...it just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?  What the heck is a "Rance" anyway?  I enjoy the background of names...The name "Matthew" means "gift from god"...8-)  of course it does!  Looking up "Rance" I find...nothing.  Well, nothing in English.  In French, we learn "Rance" means "rancid."  Let's just leave it at that.

1981 Topps #433 Rance Mullinkis


dayf said…
Every time I see a card of this guy I think of Rance Muhammitz from 200 Motels.
Anonymous said…
That's the first pre-Jays Mulliniks I've ever seen. He wasn't ever part of an OPC set prior to coming to Toronto.

Rance was pretty awesome, particularly once he got glasses.
BattleSausage said…
I bought a Rance rookie card about a month ago. Rance was wicked, still remember he spit on himself while chewing tabacco during the post season 92/93.

Now if you want pure baseball amazing look to Manny Lee!