Brian Banniser 206 Mini Almost Master Set

I enjoy it when a set sneaks up on you.  In this case I'm talking about a set of Brian Bannister mini cards from the 2010 Topps 206 set.  Thanks to random chance of pulling three variations of the cards through ripping packs and getting sent the second hardest to find card by Beardy, I'm missing two cards from a master set.

In the 2010 Topps 206 set the minis can come to you with one of many different backs.  The standard is the Piedmont back.  Here are the remaining variations based on their rarity:

American Caramel: found in every four packs
Polar Bear: found in every 10 packs
Old Mill: found in every 20 packs
Cycle: found in every 230 packs
Carolina Brights: one copy throughout the whole print run

So I'm missing the American Caramel and the 1 of 1 Carolina Bright.  If you happen to have one of these two cards get in touch with me and we'll work out something.