Another Pilot Down

1969 Topps #612 Jack Aker
My quest for the 1969 Seattle Pilots team set is reaching its conclusion as I should be receiving all the cards I was searching for through several source this week or early next week.  I used this month's eBay Bucks and some store credit I had at to finish it all off and now I'm waiting for my plain white envelopes to arrive.

This latest card is of Jack Aker who's career Pilot's record was 0-2 in 15 his entire career Jack was able to notch 123 career saves over his 11 year career.


Anonymous said…
Ah, yes, Jack Aker, the first player rep of the Pilots.

Did he smoke them inside?
Did he pound the Budweiser?

I feel sorry for Aker. He spent years in the Finley KC - Oakland zoo (if I remember, he had a role in the whole Lew Krausse / Ken Harrelson kerfuffle) and then right to the Pilots.

Sometimes you grip the baseball - most of the time it grips you.