2010 Topps Chrome Blaster Results Show

Hmmm, the collectors dilemma.  Full price 2011 Allen and Ginter blasters or two 2010 Chrome blasters with a steep 40% off sticker on them?  I'll take Chrome eight out of ten times on that one...even if the cards are shaped like a bell curve.  So I ripped 16 packs of Chrome over the weekend...here are the notable results.  No autographs which isn't too surprising and I was averaging one refractor or better card in each pack and I think I only had one pack with four basic base cards.

We'll start this in terms of rarity...I only found one notable rookie in the packs...not that 2010 Chrome had many memorable rookies...

#174 Jason Heyward [Rookie Card]
I've skipped the refractors because my scanner just makes them look like regular cards...onto the X-Fractors which in Topps Chrome aren't numbered but in Bowman Chrome they are. 

Tommy's back in rare form again with a record of 11-5 this season. so far. 

#8 Tommy Hanson X-Fractor
#57 Josh Hamilton X-Fractor
For whatever reason these two blasters gave me a good start to a Mariners team set of X-Fractors.  I pulled three Mariners X-Fractors in total...no Ichiro unfortunately but I did get a King Felix.

#208 Kanekoa Texeira X-Fractor
#167 Franklin Gutierrez X-Fractor
#92 Felix Hernandez X-Fractor
One Chrome Heritage card of Victor Martinez.  He's having a good year with the Tigers and the Red Sox replaced him with Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who I've written about before

#C140 Victor Martinez Chrome Heritage #0974/1961

While I've never seen a Superfractor in person, my favorite non X-Fractor is the purple variety which burst onto the scene in 2009. I was able to get one per blaster...

#175 Scott Sizemore Purple Refractor 226/599
#102 Jake Peavy Purple Refractor 136/599
Last but not least, I found a blue bordered Chicle of Orioles Mr. Dependable Nick Markakis.  If you take a look at Nick's stats he rarely misses games throughout the year, always hits around .300 and gets about 185 hits a year.  Not to bad.

#C24 Nick Markakis Chicle Chrome #015/199