Show and Tell #101: BuckeyeState Best

Here are a few of the cards BuckeyeState and I recently traded...he sent me two Brewers relics and card from my Distinguished Service Needs List.

I searched to see if Ben had announced his retirement after getting injured last season while pitching for Oakland but I can't find an official announcement.

2009 Upper Deck Goudey #GM-BS Ben Sheets Jersey Relic

I love bat cards for pitchers and so I of course really like this one.  Yovani is 8-3 so far this year and with Zack Greinke's 6-2 record they are quite the 1-2 punch for the Brewers right now.

2010 Topps #PPR-YG Yovani Gallardo Bat Relic
It's important to remember that Ted not only lost years of his career for service in World War II he also served in the Korean War as well losing parts of two seasons.

2007 Topps #DS25 Ted Williams Distinguished Service