Show and Tell #100: Political Card From The Diamond King

Kevin from The Diamond King blog sent along a whole bunch of political cards out of the clear blue sky.  They are much appreciated!  Here are a few of the highlights:

Getting sent these super shiny Topps Tribute Rivalries cards.? Awesome.

Actually buying a box of Topps Tribute and pulling these as part of the pack?  Tragic.

2010 Topps Tribute #GR-93 Moby Dick vs. Captain Ahab
Some new documents written by Abraham Lincoln were recently found by an intern working at a museum in Illinois.  In all the articles I've read about this they always make such a big deal that it was an intern that discovered the documents as if it was a bird that really liked old manuscripts.

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #16 Abraham Lincoln

Earlier this week the power went on my block for a few hours.  My wife is out of town this week and it was in the evening when this happened so there was no light at all.  I hadn't been without power in probably a few years believe it or not and it hit me, what am I going to do with myself until it comes back on.  And what did people do before electricity and non-stop entertainment?  Actually talk to each other?  What a nightmare that must have been!  Thankfully, Target still had power so I went and bought a couple of packs of cards.  Now that is how you weather a black out!

2004 Topps #PP8 Martin Van Buren Presidential Pastimes

2004 Topps #PP7 Andrew Jackson Presidential Pastimes

The 2009 Goodwin Champions "Citizens Of The Century" and "Citizens of The Day" are two insert sets that I think I will eventually work on collecting in full.  It just seems that Upper Deck was smoking crack when they figured out who would be in which set.  We've got Tony Blair and Bill Clinton lumped in with Churchill and Pope John Paul II as Citizen of The Century.  And then you've got Rasputin in with FDR in the "Citizens of the Day" set.  It just doesn't seem to make sense.
2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions #CC-10 Winston Churchill Citizens of the Century


beardy said…
I've got some Presidential Pastime refractor doubles that will be heading your way if I can remember that I left this comment, dig them out of whatever box they're in, and actually package them up and take them to the post office.

Let's just say that in an ideal world, they'd be headed your way.

Is this world ideal?

I guess you'll find out, now won't you.