Show and Tell #99: Gaylord and The Pilots

I've been sitting on this trade post for a while as I don't like posting my side of a trade when I feel like I still owe a return package.  Once I post the trade on the blog, the trade goes into the back of my mind which I don't want to have happen if the trade really isn't over yet.  But my trades with Reader Mike D. are starting to stack up so I'll break protocol here.  In fact, this post is a combination of two packages from Mike with more to come.

The first two cards are Gaylord Perry relics.  Perry was the first pitcher to win the Cy Young award in both leagues.

2009 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts LM-GP3 Gaylord Perry Jersey Relic #17/50
2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #CM-GP Gaylord Perry Jersey Relic
This next one is a great looking high-numbered short-print that completes my 1970 Seattle Pilots team set.  I had been struggling to fine a copy of this card and Mike was able to track a really nice copy down.

1970 Topps #713 Pilots Team Checklist
Mike also included some random cards with this Rollie Fingers as my favorite.  In the 1974 season Rollie pitched in 76 games, went 9-5, and had 18 saves.  We definitely need more cards with blue and orange borders.

1975 Topps #21 Rollie Fingers


Scott Crawford said…
Did we really finish '70 Pilots on the same day? Wow. I got the last 3 high numbers I needed (and '69 Darrell Brandon, leaving the '69 Pilots rookies card as the last one I need for my base Topps Pilots set; weren't you actually going to order one for me from COMC in a trade, or am I thinking of someone else?) during a cheap shipping binge on Check Out My Cards today. Congrats, and yeah, that's a nice lookin' team card! The Gaylords and the Rollie are pretty sweet, too.
mike said…
I've been in the position before of "finishing the binder" or getting that last card to cross off the complete checklist - and since Matt has provided an honest and reliable trading stance, as well as an entertaining blog site, I like finding his chasers and oddball stuff like the Perry's and Rollie card. He's got a couple other gems unshown, and another on the way!