Everybody's Got A Record: Whitey Ford Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

What exactly is an unbeatable record?  Is it inevitable that all performance records are eventually beaten?  Lou Gehrig's consecutive game record was eventually beaten but could anyone possibly beat Cal Ripken's?  Or maybe Johnny Vander Meer's consecutive no-hitters?  Those are some of the more obvious records but there are some more minor records that are equally impossible to every match or beat.  Take for example Whitey Ford's record of pitching four consecutive World Series Game 1's.  No other pitcher has done that and Whitey actually pulled off the feat twice!  He opened the '55-'58 and '61-64 World Series  for the Yankees.  The amount of coincidence and fate that would have to go into a single pitcher being able to pitch five consecutive Game 1's and break his record would seem to me to be far beyond that of pitching two no-hitters in a row.  

2009 Upper Deck Icons #IL-WF Whitey Ford Letter "R" #24/45