Everybody's Got A Record: Carl Crawford Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

Carl Crawford and Rogers Hornsby are the only two players to improve their batting average and home run totals in five consecutive years.  The most impressive part I think is the batting average part of the record.  Crawford improved from .281 to .315 from 2003-2007 while Hornsby went from .281 to an amazing .401 from 1918-1922.

2010 Topps #AS-CC Carl Crawford All-Star Jersey Relic


GCA said…
I think Topps is scraping the bottom of that barrel with some of the obscure ones they use for Topps 60 inserts.
If you read them closely, it's not like they are all the #1 guy in all the major categories. Instead, they chose things like "3rd all time batting average in Blue Jays history", or "most stolen bases by a second year player in the post season at home".
I understand that the top leaders would be the same old guys except for a few, but geez, some of the records are really stretching it.