Cards From The Box: "Don, Can You Put Your Chin On Your Elbow?"

**In this series we delve deep into this box of cards, purchased for $2.99**

In the box there was a whole bunch of cards from the 1991 Studio set which I love the idea of and the design but the cards are just so damned stupid sometimes.  Like this Don Mattingly which has to be his worst overall card ever...and I've done absolutely no research into that so as a baseball card blogger I am certain I'm right.

1991 Leaf Studio #97 Don Mattingly
Can't you just hear the photographer now?  

"Come on Don, you dangerous, but not too dangerous...that's it, that's're the new kid in school and you've got a new leather jacket and the girls think you're mysterious...that's it, that Don, can you put your chin in the crux of your elbow?  Just set it right on Don, it's not a stupid idea....the kids are going to love give me those eyes Don...god, it's like you are staring into my soul...that's it Don....that's it Don..."

For whatever reason the owner of the box liked it as they had five copies of it inside: